Pressure testing, washing and leak finding

Washing of AC hose/tube assemblies for a european premium car manufacturer

We've developed a highly flexible system for hose/tube assemblies with two or three connectors. The machine has 3 stacks with 6 connectors each.

Every stack is easily adjustable in any direction (including height). The stack's 6 connectors can then be rotated freely in two directions to support most tube/pipe geometries. Quick setting and relatively cheap and simple tools.

The machine washes in multiple (freely configurable) directions and follows with dry blowing. Every step of the program is easily configured with a couple of taps on the touch screen.

High flow with a warm, water-based washing liquid, 3 large industrial filters and a system designed with the pressure drop where it belongs - in the hose/tube assembly.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Click here for a video   (download)

Pressure testing and washing of brake hoses

This machine washes, pressure tests, leak tests, marks and dries brake hoses. 10+10 individual stations give an effective cycle time of 6 seconds. Quick setting for different products. Tools with bayonet mount. Clamping force configurable in recipie.

Faulty hoses are kept clamped and will not be marked. Available with production statistics.

Pressure testing and washing of power steering tubing

This machine has a horizontal layout for increased ergonomy and individually tests each hose assembly. Example cycle:

  • Washing in both flow directions
  • High pressure pulse cleaning
  • Flow measuring in both directions
  • Pressure testing up to 300 Bar / 4350 Psi
  • Leak testing with automatic leak threshold minimization
  • Drying in both flow directions
  • Click here for a video  (download)

Washing of oil pressure tubing/hosing

This machine washes and dries oil pressure tubing or hosing. Wash cycle with any number of direction changes. High grade filtering with multiple filters.

Pressure testing of diesel fuel tubing

This machine washes, pressure tests, leak tests, marks and dries diesel fuel tubing. Pressures up to 500 Bar / 7250 Psi and a special high pressure washing cycle for maximum cleanliness.