Measurement & Vision Systems

Verification of tube end after cutting or end forming

We’ve developed a new system to properly monitor tubes after cutting or end forming. The system can detect cracks/defects and has a high resolution camera with integrated coaxial front illumination.

For this, we’ve developed a new tool called "Radial thickness" where the user can specify a Min/Max thickness of the tube cross section. The tool returns the current measurement data, OK/NOK, and an angle indicating where the unapproved measurement, e.g. a crack in the tube end, is located.

The equipment can be combined with telecentric profile measurement or other features. The control cabinet has 4 connections for 4 independent cameras and can be controlled via digital I/O’s or any of the most common industrial bus systems such as EtherCAT and Profibus, etc.

Measuring machine for turned parts

This machine images the object with a line scan camera and telecentric optics. The measured object is moved with a ball screw and an electric servo. This way we can produce an image of up to 80 megapixels in just a few seconds. After scanning the picture is analyzed with the Lantz standard vision software. Statistics with CP, CPK and averages are presented on the screen and can be easily exported.

Simple loading of objects. Just press a button and the upper center cone will lift allowing you to load/unload the machine.

Click here for a video  (download)

Profile measurement of formed tube ends

This machine comes with telecentric optics which results in a uniform scale across the entire image. With the use of telecentric lighting this machine is completely immune to any light from the environment. Easily measure diameters, radii, angles, distances etc and get a PASS/FAIL. Statistics with CP/CPK and all measured values are presented live on the screen and is available for export at any time. Simple to program.

Loaded manually or by robot. When a faulty part is detected the part is held in place until the operators confirms.

Profile measurement with rotation and tube length measurement

Machine as above but with automatic measurement and rotation of the tube to detect circular deviations. Also measures length deviation on tubes L=300-1500 mm. Simply drop the tube into a V-slot and the machine will do the rest. Good and bad tubes exit the machine on different sides.

Click here for a video  (download)

Office version of our profile measurement system

Comes with the same camera and optics as our industrial versions but with a normal office computer and without the industrial I/O control system. The software produces the same kind of statistics as the machines above.
Normally this equipment are used in a laboratory for SPC control.

3D Measuring machine for engine components

Place the object to be measured in the machine fixture. With the help of a high speed servo driven XY table, two distance lasers and two high-resolution cameras with telecentric optics, this machine can measure the object quickly. The result are presented on screen and all statistics can be exported. Automatic calibration at startup.

The machine with the software is 100% developed by Lantz Teknik AB. We can offer customized measuring machines with good total economy for the customer.

Click here for a video  (download)

Automatic measuring in a cell with an end forming machine

This is a custom measuring machine mounted in the roof above an end forming machine. Both ends of the tube is formed and the measuring machine picks these up directly from the end forming machine’s loader. Then it proceeds to do the following:

  • The tube is blown clean with an “air knife” on both ends to ensure that no oil, dirt or similar interfere with the measurement
  • The tube is rotated and 3-30 images are taken at different angles, and at both ends
  • Statistics are generated and saved
  • The tube is dropped off at one location for approved tubes and another for the rest
  • The machine waits until the end former signals that a new tube is available

Click here for a video  (download)